Friday, March 27, 2009

I've been hibernating...'s been snowing, the schools have been closed, and my initial idea of - yay - stay home and do some scrapbooking, quickly changed to - oh - stuck at home with my three (sometimes two) lovelies - scrapbooking may not be an option!! We did take some photos though. Ideas for scrapbook projects - does that count?!
I had also planned to do a few little projects to show off some more ideas for my stamp pick for this month 'pick a petal'. The month isn't officially over, quite yet, but things aren't looking good. Little projects haven't been happening. Neither have bigger projects. So here is a list instead. And one photo, to pretty things up...

how about flames for a candle? This is from the stamp club project for the month. Tell me you couldn't use that flower petal stamp for a candle flame on a man card if you wanted to? Great for kids cards too - add just the right number of candles and you are all set.
Other ideas I have seen or dreamed about:
  • bugs - of course - butterflies, dragonflies, ladybirds (the spotty petal stamp is perfect for ladybirds)
  • christmas cards - why yes! Petals turned into christmas ornaments, all strung up. I can see you are not convinced on this one, but believe me, it looked good!
  • exclamation mark - a great big one.
  • An alternative to arrows - I think these would be great on a scrapbook project
  • Little journalling spots, doubled as an alternative to arrows.
  • I showed you a funny face already. I saw a really clever bird made with this set. I cannot even begin to do it justice. I plan to replicate this one, one day....
  • 101(+) flowers....

Making that little list has me feeling all inspired again. Maybe I will have some photos to show you all soon, afterall! But then again, it is a snow day...

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