Saturday, March 21, 2009

A work in progress

So it is probably not good blog etiquette to show stuff that is only half finished. But too bad. This is what I was working on yesterday, and it would normally be about this point that I would be running to my Mum's to show her what I had been doing. So here it is Mum - what do you think? Cute huh?

A hand bag.

But not just a handbag.

It can also cut frozen steak!!

just kidding about the steak, of course...
for a moment there I just felt like I was talking about Ginzu knives

Inside this super cute little handbag is a mini scrapbook album.
(that bit is true!)
I would show you, but then you would see that it really isn't finished, and instead is actually filled with blank, (soon to be filled!) pages.

so here are some closeups instead...

I used the carousel notes from the Summer Mini catalogue for the top of the bag, and covered soft sky card with some of the afternoon tea paper, also from the mini. Jumbo eyelets were used for the holes for the handle, and the bottom of the bag, and I love them. I love how even the inside looks neat and tidy. The back bit that usually looks like ... the back bit, actually looks almost as nice as the front. I should have taken a photo of that too - maybe next time.
The bag is held closed with punched circles of self adhesive magnetic stuff (what do you call that stuff Isabel? I am having a mind blank!) - stuff I got from Isabel anyway, that I punched into nice neat circles.
It was the first time I had really used any of the stuff from the mini catalogue - what with the chaos of Christmas, and then packing and moving, the summer mini stuff has been neglected by me. But I had had this idea for a wee while, and finally sat down and tried it out. I want to try it out with the ginger blossom papers and guava carousel notes too, so now I have all the measurements worked out, it should be quicker this time. I will keep you 'posted' on how that goes.
And Campbell has requested I make him one - but a boy one. I am thinking maybe a backpack? He asked me where it was just before, so maybe the backpack will get done before the ginger blossom bag?!

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