Monday, November 23, 2009

Yummy Scrummy Muffins all ready to go

Remember this stunt muffin?

Well today was the day to bake the actual muffins - Apple and Cranberry - yuuummm!!  While the muffins were cooling the kids and I lined up around the table and got a proper little production line going.  I was going to take a photo of them in action but then realised we were probably breaking umpteen different child labour laws, so perhaps photographic evidence wouldn't be the best!  Instead, here is a photo of those well dressed muffins all lined up and ready to go.

Campbell was a little concerned that we wouldn't know which ones were which once we put them all in one spot.  Then he realised that we could just look at the tags - because, afterall - his colouring in was WAY better than Bridie's - 'she just used all orange...'  I assured him that Bridie's teachers will love all orange just as much as she does.  That made it okay (just as long as they don't get mixed up in the mean time!)


  1. they look great Tracee, all lined up together, love the colouring in.