Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A masculine Birthday card

Well it seems the little problem we were having accessing our photos on the computer was not so much a computer problem, as it was a problem with swinging feet - kids feet that is - swinging, as they sat at the computer, and inadvertently disconnected cables.  Annoying, but now that we know what was happening,  much easier to fix than a real computer problem might have been!

While we had our temporary photo freeze out I was able to get a few projects done though, and am slowly working my way through the long list of cards needed over the next few months.  I also thought it was about time I did a colour challenge - and found this one of Makeesha's that was just what was needed.  The colours - chocolate chip, close to cocoa, really rust and vanilla are perfect for a classic man card, as is the  'sanded' background stamp, and the soon to be gone Spring Mini catalogue stamp set - 'Sense of Time'.

I also started off with some of the lovely jumbo brads from the spring mini, but when it came time to put them on they just didn't quite work how I wanted.  While I was playing I remembered a great little embellishment idea that I first saw long ago on a project by Jacque, and decided to throw that in the mix instead.  I had been wanting to try it for ages, so this was the perfect opportunity.  I will confess to a brief moment when I questioned the ability of my cropadile to chomp through all those layers, and then neatly set the eyelet.  Apologies Cropadile - it was wrong of me to doubt you - you worked just great - as  you always do.

I wavered between the hemp twine and twill tape to finish it off, but decided that the twine had a little bit more of a - I don't know - 'she'll be right temporary man repair' look about it? (perhaps a cable tie would have worked well here?!)  Glad I did go with the twine, as having just checked the link for Makeesha's challenge I realised she has a similar embellishment on her card.  Don't want them looking too alike!

And so here is where I ended up.  A nice manly card with a hint of fancy, but not the frills (or is that frills but no fancy?)  Either way it has lots of layers, and a good manly weight to it too!   Best of all, another card marked off the list, and another one coming soon!


  1. Great male card. I always find them hard to make.

  2. An absolutely gorgeous card, Tracee - I just decided to buy this set before the mini ends, and now I'm so glad I did! Lovely embellishment too.