Tuesday, November 3, 2009

'I've got my eye on you' Halloween mini album

My big old monster eye that is!

Here is the first of my Halloween inspired projects.  Halloween candy inspired that is. Hayden was delighted to find an eyeball candy in amongst his trick or treat stash.  I was delighted to find the packaging that eyeball came in, and immediately claimed it as the perfect embellishment for a scrapbooking project.

I thought it was a bit too bulky for a conventional scrapbook page, but on the cover of a mini album it is just perfect, and I decided to go with an accordian spine album like this one.  Once the candy had been disposed of (thanks boys!) I was left with the plastic bubble, complete with red veins.  It was a quick job to punch out some circles of card for the eye, and pop those inside the packaging.  Best of all, the eye then fitted perfectly inside the 1 3/8" circle I had punched in a chipboard coaster. 

Originally I was going to cover the coaster with plain black card, but it looked a little too flat.  Instead I stamped with versamark ink and the sanded background stamp, and then heat embossed with clear powder.  It looks a bit too shiny in the photo, but is better in real life, and looks like a reptilian monster skin.  The back cover also has the embossed sanded look.  Inside it is black pages, and that is as far as it got - the printer ran out of ink before I could print the photos, so completing the inside of this little halloween memory book is still on the list of things to do.

So far I am loving this little project, and would love to do some more - I can see this in green, for dinosaur lovers.  I will confess, that while buying groceries today, I did keep an 'eye out' for some more of those eyeball candies.  No luck though, so it is looking like I might have to resort to cleaning the kids bedrooms, in the hopes of finding more discarded candy packaging...

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