Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Girly Birthday Card

For me, the thing that always takes the longest, is figuring out the initial design of a project.  Sometimes I have a clear idea in my mind, and other times I just wing it and see what happens.  And then there are times like this, where I recycle a design I have used before.  This buggy boy birthday card is still one of my favourites so I decided to do it again - but this time with a girly look to it.

Apart from changing one of the bug stamps (all still from the Bugs and Kisses stamp set), and of course the colours, I decided to keep the rest of the card - the placement of the different pieces and the extra embellishments (brads, crimped squares and paper pierced squares), exactly the same as with that first card.  That meant I didn't spend time shuffling bits around and trying to decide what looked best (I can spend a LOT of time shuffling things around!)

After my recent successful outings with the bold brights I decided to keep it up, but must confess, I think I prefer them in smaller doses.  Nevermind.  I am hoping that it will still appeal to a little girl, even with all those bugs on it - oops, I mean big girl.

 Speaking of big girls, I have also made a more grown up version. No bugs this time, but still some fun elements, so that will be the next post.


  1. think I like the girl's one best but they're both great Tracee - looking forward to the version for grown ups