Monday, November 2, 2009

Five Minute gift packaging

So first the background story.  Hayden's teacher has a collection of magnets from various places that she or her students have visited.  Whenever we go exploring he wants to get her one to bring back.  Then he forgets all about it until we get home again.  Except this time.  This time he remembered to get one.  He just forgot to give it to her today.  He remembered after he had gone to bed tonight, at which point he requested if we couldn't please wrap it up all nicely for her?

What's a mum to do?  Of course we can figure something else.  But something quick, because Hayden is supposed to be sleeping, and I am supposed to be listening to the sound of all three of them asleep - ahh the quiet!  Thank goodness for the very clever, super simple, and best of all, really quick triangle box.  Not to mention coordinating card, ink and ribbon (Tangerine Tango) and the always elegant Fifth Avenue Floral stamp set.

Five minutes later, pausing only for a photo, we were done, and Hayden was tucking it away in his bag all ready to take to school tomorrow.  It really is so very easy, and not only does it work well with the 5 minute simple approach, the 10 minute something special  variety looks fantastic too. (Hard to believe there is a humble magnet in that box!)

I think this might be my favourite gift packaging technique, athough I do really like the bag in a box (box in bag?) approach too.  It does take a few more minutes though, and to be honest, I really do like to hear the sound of those sleeping babies!

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