Thursday, April 23, 2009

'Standard' sizes for scrapbook layouts

and more on the A4/letter hybrid, previously referred to as 'this size'
Possibly I am the only one who needs an explanation on this one, but just in case you all think I am going crazy, I am going to explain the thinking anyway!
As you may know - 'standard' card sizes are different in NZ/Aust and America.
In NZ we have 'A4' - 21 x 29.6ish cm (based on a quick measure of the nearest piece of card). In America they have 'letter' - 8.5 x 11 inches. A4 and letter are not the same size. A4 is narrower, and taller than letter. Not by a whole lot, but when your card is A4, and your page protectors are 8.5x11inches, there will be a bit sticking out the top. It will also not be quite as wide as the page protector.
This is where the 'hybrid' comes in. Obviously, having part of the layout, even if it isn't a whole lot (1.5ish cm) sticking out the top of the page protector is not desirable. I trimmed this bit off before I started the layout. This time round I didn't worry about the difference in width. The card was only a little smaller (around 0.5cm) so I figured not enough that it will fall out of the protector. If you really wanted a snug fit, you could add a bit on the side, but, I couldn't be bothered. Instead I have ended up with a layout that is A4 width, and letter height - a hybrid - 'this size'. Is this what other people have done? - or have I just put way too much thought into this one?!

The same thing happens with what I consider the more 'traditional' 12x12 layouts.

In America they have 12 x 12 inches - while in NZ we have 30 x 30cm. We also have 12 x 12, because lots of stuff comes from the US, but, stuff from NZ is often 30 x 30cm.

30 x 30 cm is often refered to as 12 x 12, but it is not quite the same as 12 x 12 inches. (Have I confused you yet?!) 30 x 30 is slightly (about 5mm in both directions) smaller. This would only be a problem if you did 12 x 12 layouts, and then tried to put them in a 30x30 album. I know this because I tried to rearrange my layouts once, and discovered that several wouldn't fit in the nice new album I had bought especially. Darn it! I now make a point of trimming all my 12 x 12 inch layouts to 30 x 30cm, before I start the layout, just in case a rearrange is needed in the future.

I am guessing that if you are in America this is not even an issue - all your supplies will be intended for your market. In NZ, it is only an issue when you are mixing supplies from NZ and elsewhere. And maybe that isn't a problem at all? Maybe it is just me?
Anything is better than folding laundry. Even trimming 5mm off the edges of my layouts!

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