Saturday, April 11, 2009

Colour Inspiration #49

Kristina Werner has another 'color inspiration' challenge up, and at this rate, Kiwi Kiss is looking like becoming my most used colour!

I have been thinking about what to do for the past couple of days. Doing would have been better, but there was other stuff that needed to be done, so thinking was the next best thing. In my mind there were butterflies, and crystal effects - a truly beautiful creation! Today there is time for doing, but I woke up feeling yucky, so the butterflies are waiting for another day, and quick and simple it is. And using up scraps....

Told you it was quick and simple! Black wouldn't normally be my first choice for a birthday card, but it was a great background for those bright strips of card. The only stamping is the sentiment from 'A Little Birthday Cheer'. I started off with it stamped in black, but it was looking a little flat, so I switched to Pacific Point, and it worked a lot better.

When your card is black, you do need a little something on the inside, just so you can see the writing! A few little scraps of card stuck down the side of some white, and it is ready to go (of course, you could write with a white pen, but then you wouldn't get to do this!). Just quietly, I think this might be my favourite part of the whole card.

And that is that. Told you it was quick and simple! Might get to those butterflies in the next day or two - or maybe I'll save them for the next colour challenge...

I have got some information to post about some embellishment shares. Keep an eye out later today, or perhaps tomorrow, depending on the sniffles.

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  1. Great use of scraps! Love using up my scraps too! Hope you get to feeling better! :)