Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In the blink of an eye...

First a confession - this isn't a new project, but I thought I might share it anyway, because it kind of fits in with the 'Arthur Howard' theme I have been running with lately.

A couple of years ago, we were watching Hayden do something, I don't remember what now (good story so far?!) and it suddenly struck me that he was growing up. Fast. When the heck did that happen?! So I asked Peter - when did Hayden get so big? and at the exact same time as he replied 'gradually', I thought to myself - 'in the blink of an eye'. Thoughts that followed this...
  1. Boys and girls see things differently!

  2. Wouldn't that be great for a scrapbook page?

  3. Perfect for the Ali Edwards layout I saw in that mag - now which mag was it...? (for the record, it was Creating Keepsakes, July 2006, p76

Hayden was born pre digital camera - so we have a LOT of actual photos of those first few years. (We have a LOT of photos of Campbell and Bridie too, but they are of the digital variety - not actual prints). Many of those photos are bad, or duplicates, or fuzzy etc - they are never going to feature on a layout of their own. But on a layout like this, they are perfect! Just cut them into circles, size depending on the photo, and you are good to go. There were 14 photos on this layout....


Not to mention some stuff from the stash
(at the time Hayden was 7).

Now this really was a super quick and easy layout - perfect for clearing out those shoeboxes of photos (sorting through the photos was probably the longest bit). A little bit of handwritten journalling around the outside of the page (part journaling/part frame) and there it is - still one of my favourite layouts. Other than a piece of cardstock, and all the photos, the ingredients for this one were simple - some Autumn Leaves rub on lettering, Tim Holtz Design 'H', '7' and tape measure strip, and a black pen.

If you were impressed by the fact that two years on, I could not only remember the ingredients, but also the page number of the magazine that had the original Ali Edwards layout, then I have a little secret. Although I would like to lay claim to a freakishly mega memory, it is pretty clear that that is not the case. It all comes down to what is happening behind the scenes....

Yep, right there on the back of the layout - ingredients, inspiration, and of course the date and a name. Maybe you all do this already, but if you don't, you should start! One day you might need to know that stuff!

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