Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Scrapbooking inspiration

So you know about the colour inspiration challenges that I have recently discovered. While they are great for getting me creating, and, so far, pushing me a little out of my usual colours comfort zone (and that, of course, is a good thing!), they haven't yet helped me get those scrapbook pages finished.

Each new day seems to have new photo opportunities and topics that really should have a page of their own. The list gets longer. The pile of completed pages doesn't seem to grow quite as quickly! (Peter despairs because the computer is jam packed with photos - again! oops!!)

But then a trip to the library provided just the inspiration needed to fill in some more empty page protectors. Now this is not the first time I have found inspiration at the library - I have been known to bring home the odd book about scrapbooking, or photography, in the hope that something might rub off on me! This time though, inspiration was found in the picture book section. The book that Campbell chose to bring home. A great little book by Arthur Howard, called 'When I was Five'

Now, without giving away too much, it is about a boy remembering when he was five - his favourite car, dinosaur, hiding place, best friend etc, and how that has (or hasn't) changed - now he is all grown up (that would be - aged 6).

So who doesn't think that would make a great scrapbook project?

(Bridie likes this book too!)

I am thinking not only good for age comparisons (Hayden - when you were 8, now you are 9), but also looking at a particular age (Campbell - now you are 5 - maybe that backpack mini album he requested a couple of weeks back?!).

Not forgetting the whole 'growing up' theme (Bridie wore a 'Princess pull up' to bed last night. Up until then, she had been in nappies at night. Pullups were on special, so cheaper, and I thought to myself - the girl is growing up - why not make the move to pull ups?' Probably more than you ever needed to know - but the look on her face, she was so proud of herself! Making that transition from baby to little girl (or big girl, as she prefers to be known!) - if that isn't worthy of a scrapbook page I don't know what is.

And then there could be the special milestone birthday projects - 5, 13, 21, 40.....

Or other comparisons...

  • primary school versus secondary school
  • living 'here' versus living 'there'
  • country kid (Peter and I both grew up on dairy farms) versus town kids (our children are true townies - I was a little sad the day that thought dawned on me - I think we were visiting a farm and they complained of the smell...)
  • before I had children (my house was oh so quiet!!) compared to the bliss/chaos/noise of motherhood .....
  • how about some inter-generational comparisons - whose grandfather (or father?!) didn't have to walk x miles (pre-metric days of course) to school, rain or shine, with no shoes? Back in the dinosaur days. Good times!
  • life before the internet/microwave/dishwasher etc. My how times have changed - and that's just in recent years!

Making this list has just reminded me of this layout, done a couple of years ago. Not the greatest in the world, but it fits this particular theme - who knew how different doing the laundry would be with a baby girl in the house!!

So I am thinking that this particular source of inspiration should be good for quite a few projects. Now I just need to find a way to fit more hours in the day. And more quiet.....

My plan is to be working on these projects, in amongst what ever else comes along, and sharing them with you. My hope is that if you are in need of inspiration then this could help. Arthur Howard may be the new Ali Edwards. Or maybe not quite. Might have to see what actually comes from all of this before we make that call. But still, who would have thought one little picture book could provide us with so much scrapbooking potential?!

If 'When I was Five' by Arthur Howard doesn't inspire you, check out some other picture books. You may find just what you were looking for. If nothing else, you may find a new colour combo! Don't forget to let me know about your inspiration, and resulting projects!

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