Thursday, April 9, 2009

about that stampin' up sign...

'How do you spell Stampin' Up Mum?' Campbell asked me a few weeks ago.

'Why do you want to know that?' I asked right on back.

'It's a surprise' he replied.

Well Okay then.

S.. T.. A.. M.. P.. I.. N.. U.. P

A couple of the letters, were 'like in Campbell', and a couple of the letters required a little reminder - Mum writing it first on the tiniest scrap of paper.

And then that was that.

No more mention of it.

Until a couple of hours later I went into the bedroom, and noticed the closet door was shut.

And that there was a post it note on the door....

Campbell had made me a sign.

Now as you regular visitors will have noticed - I have been lacking a pretty picture at the top of my blog since, well, since this blog became official. In fact, the search for just the right pretty picture, was a major source of delay in getting started. It's tough. I really like the look of the photo on the 'family blog', but maybe this one should at least have something to do with craft?

In the end I decided that if this blog was ever going to get off the ground I needed to just do it already, and the pretty picture could wait a day or two. Trouble is, once started, it was easy to forget that pretty picture, while I thought about other things instead.

So I figured that for now, while the search continues, there would be nothing more perfect, than a special surprise sign that my baby boy made for me (okay, he's five now, but he's still my baby!) Thanks Campbell!

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