Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pirate Card (with a hidden treasure map!)

Campbell has another birthday party to attend this weekend - this time a pirate themed one.  Although it has been retired a while, the 'Ahoy Matey' stamp set (and matching jumbo wheel) always was a favourite of mine (the first project I posted on this blog was a birthday card for Hayden, using this set), and this seemed like an appropriate time to get it down from the shelf.  It has always been perfect for quick and easy cards, but this time round I was inspired by the latest NZSU challenge (which was inspired by Patrice's card, that was based on Jackie Topa's tutorial) - got that?!

Anyway, the theory is that a good pirate isn't going to leave his map out in plain view of everyone right?  Of course not, he is going to have it hidden away, and this card was perfect.  The map can be hidden away until the pirate is ready to reveal all by the simple turn of a handle. 
Here it is hidden:

Partially revealed:

Out there for all to see (but let's just keep it between us!):

Then when you have studied your map, you can hide it away again and your secret is safe!

I used caramel ink, and sponged the edges to give it all a well loved, grubby, pirate kind of a look.  A splash of colour was added with my recently acquired Earth Elements water colour crayons and a blender pen.  As for those big circles?  Circle Scissors mean they fell into the quick and easy category too.  Love that!

Campbell and Bridie have already asked if I could please make them one of these too.  I am thinking it would be handy to have a stash of these for future birthdays too, so might need to set up a production line...


  1. Great Card, I'm going to have to make one also.

  2. That would have to be one of the coolest birthday cards I've ever seen. You have made a fantstic job of it. Well done Tracee.

  3. Tracee..your card rocks!! well done!

  4. I agree with Anna, Tracee - the coolest birthday card I have EVER seen! What an awesome mummy you are!!