Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another fun pirate card

Well I said I was having fun, and there has been a parade of pirates here this week, but I think this card is my favourite (along with the circle one from the beginning of the week).  I have really loved using the jumbo map wheel that coordinated with the pirate set (sadly both now retired), and figuring out different ways to have it hidden away, but still ready for a pirate to consult - interactive style cards!

This card definitely falls into the 'hand deliver only' category, because it really wouldn't work in an envelope!


I attached the map to the card base at one end using eyelets, and then threaded some hemp twine through so it can be rolled up and tied to hold it in place.  Then it can be easily unrolled and consulted whenever the pirate needs to check his treasure hunting progress.

My little pirates approved anyway - boys and girl, and my stash of kids card is growing.  Although I think that next week I might have to work on some more girly cards, or at least, pirates wearing pink!

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  1. love the rolled up map - gone to have to bookmark this one - very inspirational!