Saturday, July 18, 2009

from a quick card to a quick layout...

After making this quick card for the latest Kristina Werner Colour Challenge I got to thinking that it might also work well as a scrapbook project. I ummed and ahhed a bit over what size to make it - 12 x 12 or an A4 / 8.5 x 11 hybrid? The hybrid size won out because I had been wanting to do another of these for a while.

It was pretty much the same as the card, except this time I used rub on letters for the title, rather than stamps. I decided it didn't need any journaling, the title says it all, but then got to thinking - one day down the track would we want to know how old those crazy kids were when they did those silly things? What's so crazy about eating a carrot or wearing goggles anyway? I was going to make notes on the back of the layout - just in case, but decided instead to go with some 'hidden journaling' on a tag behind the photos. This meant attaching the photos to another piece of card, rather than straight onto the base card, to make a space for the tag.

I am really loving this colour combo (ballet blue, certainly celery, pumpkin pie, so saffron, riding hood red, and white). It has a really happy feel about it. The coloured hearts and white writing really pop off the ballet blue background. I think this might be my new favourite blue!

Oh, just in case you were thinking I had six children and where do I find the time for scrapbooking?! I actually have three children (two photos of each) and where the heck can I find some time to scrapbook?!


  1. Thanks for clarifying there are really three kids instead of six! I am still impressed you found time to make this totally cute page! LOVE the hidden journaling tag!

  2. That's a cool idea! Btw, I met one of your customers at senz and gave her a sneaky look at the mini, so expect some orders from her on the 1st :~)

  3. I have 2 kids and find it hard to find time to make cards let alone scrapbook and a card like you... wohoo you. I love the fact that you took one idea and made 2 different types of craft WOW. I think I might get back in to scrapbooking (I do digital scrapbooking) it looks like fun.