Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A sweet vanilla sundae - or something like that!

OK - so actually it is a Sweet 'Sunday' challenge, and the flavour is vanilla and saffron - but man - this card has been making me think about French Vanilla ice cream all afternoon, and that was before I made the Sunday /Sundae connection (I have a headache - my brain is in slow mo!)
Before I head to bed to sleep it off, I had better forget the ice cream and get on to the card. First up the inspiration...

A great little sketch challenge that I have been meaning to give a try for a little while now. Bridie had an unplanned afternoon sleep today, and instead of joining her which would have been the sensible thing to do, I decided to do some creating - the other sensible thing. So here it is:

A saffron and vanilla creation - I think it is such a yummy colour combo. I also really like the way my fake lace doily (that would be an eyelet border punched and then crimped vanilla card strip) worked out.

Stamps from the nursery Necessities set, and background paper from the 'Tea Party' pack.

This was actually the second card I made. The first one ended up being a little too upside down and back to front compared to the original sketch. How many changes can you make before it nolonger qualifies for the challenge I wonder? I think I crossed the line with the first one, so I will have to share it another day!


  1. Tracee love the colour combo - you've got me thinking about an Eskimo Pie - aren't they the creamiest ice cream - hope Rachael doesn't read this - love the crimped doilee - perfect

  2. Very cool! Love the doily and yes, this is a yummy colour combo :)

  3. Very cute! I am loving your crimped border, that is so fun! And now I'm off to eat a big bowl of ice cream, thanks :)

  4. Very beautiful card. I love the soft yellow :O)
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