Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gifts for Hayden's Teachers

Yesterday's post reminded me that I had not yet shared the gifts we had made for Hayden's teachers a few weeks back. So here they are. There was of course a last minute rush, and I forgot to take photos until after some of the gifts had been packaged, so forgive the photos. I am sure you will get the idea though.

For Hayden's classroom teacher we decided to stick with another of those lovely card folders that we had made for Campbell's teachers (see this post). I thought about making it to match the gifts we had made her earlier in the year, but since I finally had my hands on those beautiful Haiku patterned papers, and the pocket silhouettes stamp set - I couldn't resist going with those instead.
Here is the front of the card folder (inside there is a selection of cards and envelopes - all ready for the lucky recipient to send out).

For the other teachers (PE, Art, Music) and not forgetting the bus driver, we made cute little post it note holders for the ladies (this one in Raspberry Tart papers). Alas, packaged in cellophane bags already, the photo doesn't really show a lot!

For the men we went with bags of decorated chocolates. Hayden thought they might prefer that to the 'kind of girly looking' post it holders! I did suggest we could do them with a pattern that was less floral, but he had already decided on chocolates (I suspect not realising that he wouldn't be eating any of them!)

The gifts were all well received, and I hope they prove useful. Except the chocolates, they are just plain yummy!

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  1. I love how the Americans are so into making wee gifts for everyone - neat tradition & they look great