Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pretty Flowery Hairclips

Now that Bridie has a place to keep her hair clips, she needed a few more flowers to really make it look like a cottage garden.  So I dug out my felt flowers and eyelets and we transformed some plain metal clips into pretty, one of a kind, flowery hair clips (well - two of a kind, because we made them in pairs!)  They are so easy to make, and would make the perfect little gift for a girl who loves her hair accessories.
I used my cropadile to make holes in the clips (actually, I got Peter to do that bit, because his muscles are a bit bigger than mine!) and then it took no time at all to attach the flowers using a coordinating eyelet, and the cropadile again.    Disclaimer time - while the cropadile handled the hole making job with relative ease, please remember that any time you use it for heavier duty tasks like this there is a risk you could damage it.  If you don't want to use eyelets to attach the flowers you could always use crystal effects, or a hot glue gun.
Bridie is very pleased about her new hair clip stash, and the hair clip holder to keep them inAnd with all those pretty new flowers, it really is looking like a cottage garden, don't you think? 
Next up, Bridie's fancy new headbands!


  1. Oh so cute - both Bridie and her clips! Well done, Tracee - handmade things are so much nicer! What does Tess say? "The best things in life are made, not bought"!

  2. Hi Tracee - just love the hairclips and hairbands. They are so cute....... Do you mind if I borrow your idea?

  3. No probs Rosie. The world will be a prettier place by the time we are done!