Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cottage Garden Hair Clip Holder

Recently I was looking at some crafty blogs, lamenting the fact that I don't have my sewing machine with me, and I came across a great hair clip holder idea at little pumpkin grace.

I thought it would be perfect for Bridie, who is not very good at keeping her clips in one place (let alone in her hair!)  I decided instead of fabric, I would make use of what I had on hand, and the cottage wall papers worked perfectly with the frame I had.  To make the paper a bit sturdier (I didn't want it ripping the first time we put clips in it) I applied several coats of modgepodge, to both sides of the paper.  It worked perfectly.  The paper was now more of a cardboard weight, but more flexible, and a lot more durable.  
 I used the reverse, non dotty side of some razzleberry ribbon for the clips to attach to, and finished the frame off with made it myself embellishment  - a ribbon flower, also using the razzleberry ribbon, and a touch of old olive ribbon and a button.
Not only is it a great way to keep Bridie's hair clips together, it also helps to pretty up her room.  She is very happy about that!  She is even happier with the clips we decorated to go in the holder. - the flowers to go in this cottage garden. The clips in the photo are the 'before' version, but I will take some photos of the 'after' version tomorrow, along with some cute headbands we decorated.  Very stylish if we do say so ourselves!


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