Tuesday, December 15, 2009

All about the Giving

Everyone loves getting presents.  We may not always know what we want  (how often have you been a part of the conversation 'What do you want for Christmas?'  and the reply 'I don't know') - but we know we want something!

Then there is the giving.  Giving can be fun too - maybe not so much the shopping part, that can be stressful, especially if you just had a conversation like that one up above.  Definitely stressful!  But it can make your heart feel happy too.

A few years ago we learned about an organisation called Samaritan's Purse.  More specifically, their 'Operation Christmas Child' project.  When we told Hayden about it he was excited to be involved, and announced that he was going to use his birthday money to buy the presents for his 'shoe box kid'.  We have enjoyed taking part each year since, until this year, when we just didn't get ourselves organised in time, and found another way to give instead (a goat with an affro - more on that soon!)

Here is a scrapbook page I did after the first shoebox we filled.  This was before SU made it to NZ, so uses non-SU supplies, and Hayden's own writing for the gift tag/title.  My idea was to make it look like a big gift box - but it is one of those layouts that I have never  been entirely satisfied with.  I love the subject, though and so here it is:

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  1. Hey Tracee, Yes I read your blog often but never get around to commenting - or replying to your email - I am so bad, sorry.
    Just have to say I loved reading this blog about operation christmas child. It brought back warm fuzzies about the first time I showed the dvd at mainly music. I remember you telling me Hayden was really keen so I gave you the DVD.
    What's funny is I was talking to someone about just that tonight, and then I read your blog about it!! Wow!
    Such a great read - Thanks :) xx