Tuesday, December 15, 2009

All about the Giving -Part 2

When we asked Campbell what he wanted for Christmas this year
this was it:

Yep.  A goat with an affro.  It was on a brochure that had fallen out of a magazine, and he was pretty sure that is would be about the best present ever.  And funny too.  Yep, that was what he wanted for Christmas.

So we looked at the brochure together (there were lots of other funny animals too - pigs, ducks, donkeys....).  And we read the brochure.  And we explained that the funny animals were really just funny pictures to catch our attention, but that if we wanted we really could buy a goat (or a pig or a duck), except, we wouldn't get it ourselves.  It would be given to a family who really, really needed it.  And no, we didn't know who that would be.

And then Campbell told us that he really still did want to get that funny goat for someone, and was it okay if he used his birthday money?
Yes baby, it is.

And then we felt so proud, because he had realised that although getting presents is pretty fun - especially goats with affros, giving presents can be even more fun.  Even if you don't know who it is that will be getting that present.

And then we went goat shopping, at Oxfam Unwrapped.

Oh yeah, a goat with an affro and bling!

If you want to, you can go goat shopping too.  Or pigs.  Or ducks. (Or even a toilet or clean water). Gifts range in price from just a few dollars to more if you want - corporate gifts welcomed too (you know, for all those big business CEO's who happen to be reading my blog!).

Oxfam will take care of the gift wrapping and delivery.

Please note, these links are for the NZ branch of Oxfam, and gifts will support families in that part of the world - Including Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, East Timor, Indonesia, or, depending on the gift, emergency supplies to be used where and when they are needed.  If you prefer to support your 'local' branch of Oxfam please visit and follow the links for a gift that truly gives twice.

I promise, it will make your heart feel happy.

(and tomorrow we will be back to the gifts that require scissors and sticky tape)


  1. good on you all - I'm sure the goat will be very happy in his new home too

  2. that's simply beautiful Tracee, love the photo of goat with affro & bling. how old is Campbell, he sounds like a wonderful child.
    TFS this with us