Friday, August 28, 2009

This week my Baby started School.

Not a lot of blogging, or even creating this past week or so.  I have been a little distracted.  School is back, and now I have two school boys.  My baby started school.  My middle baby that is. His first day was Wednesday.  You can be sure that I followed him with the camera for as long as I could, and then met the bus with camera in hand at the end of the day.  So much scrapbooking potential - the photos and the words...
How do you describe this face?
This was after excitment had given way to nerves, and that sick feeling you get in your stomach. 
It was also the beginnings of a minor panic attack...
"Mum, we forgot about my lunch!"
No baby, remember, we put your lunchbox in your bag
(visable relief)
"Oh yeah, I forgot"
He had been thinking that since we had forgotten to pack it, he would have to buy his lunch, but didn't remember his pin number, let alone how the whole buying your lunch thing worked or even how to find his way to the cafeteria in the first place. 
All that on top of the usual first day of school stresses.
Poor Boy, no wonder his face looked like that!
The good news is this is how it looked at the end of the day...
Then there are the words.  You can be sure we gave him the third degree from the moment he got home.  Turns out school was:

  • fun - when he got to play in the toy kitchen - four kids at a time, and he pretended he was a broomer (that would be a person who uses a broom to clean stuff) and asked for a coffee and something to eat.

  • scary - when he was first outside and nobody was playing with him.  Then a 'dude' came over and said 'Hey Dude, come and play' and they played spies and Campbell was the mission leader (and it was back to being fun again).

  • awesome - when he got to play Mr Men on the computer

  • sad - when he couldn't find Hayden after lunch.  We had told him they wouldn't have lunch together (with 600 children at the school, lunchtime is a staggered affair) but had failed to point out that that would mean playing together after lunch would also not be an option.  Turns out that was when the yucky tummy went away.  After he stopped crying (oh no. Crying. Mum's heart breaks!), and started playing with the other 'dude' from his class.

  • funny - when the teacher (a man) was showing them the dressups and modeled a (girl's) hat

  • not to mention - filled with anticipation - he couldn't wait to go the next day, and was most looking forward to playing in the arts and crafts area, and playing with his new friend (that would be 'the dude')
Then there would be the list of after school snacks consumed.  Including, but not limited to, a two egg, potato omelette (and yes, there are photos). 
Yep.  Definitely a LOT of scrapbooking potential.  Now I just have to figure out this new routine of ours (bus stop at 7.15am!) and find some time to sit down and actually do it.  The scrapbooking I mean. And count down the minutes until the bus comes home again.

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  1. Aww, Tracee! I'm almost petrified now for Emma's first day of school next week. There WILL be tears I know, and that's just me! Good to know there were smiles at the end of the day though, and a willingness to go back! I only have traumatised memories of my own first day at school...