Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Giftwrapping on the cheap

Confession time.
Although I love seeing the excitement of presents being ripped open, a part of me is always thinking 'Oh no, don't rip the paper!!!!!!' It always seems like such a waste. I could use that pretty paper again!
Lets face it though, carefully unwrapping a gift so as to save the paper, just isn't as exciting as ripping it open.
Since it is probably going to just get ripped anyway, we started wrapping gifts - especially for children - using plain paper, which could then be decorated (read stamped) as desired. Stampin' around wheels are especially handy for this - and I am pretty sure I have photos somewhere of Peter in charge of decorating Bridie's birthday gift last year.
For our most recently wrapped gift, I decided to have the birthday card do double duty and decorate the present as well. Plain brown paper has never looked so good! A simple band of card - crimped - to match the card - in place of ribbon, and we hung the card from the band. That will save the envelope getting ripped up too!

So there you have it - wrapping gifts on the cheap!

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