Monday, June 22, 2009

A change of scenery

Why do you scrapbook? Who do you scrapbook for? (Do you scrapbook at all?!)

For me, it is mostly about my kids. Capturing their lives - the good, the not so good, and the down right embarrassing (oh yes - I have a LOT of photos that I am saving for 21st birthdays!)

Today I finished a scrapbook layout (shock, horror!! More on that later!) and when I went to put in into Bridie's album, we of course had to stop and look at the rest of the book. Then Campbell wanted to look at his book. Then they both wanted to look at Hayden's.

They spent ages - comparing baby pictures, questioning if it really was them, asking me to read 'the story', and wanting to know 'Who's That? Who's That? Well whose THAT?!' (I'm sure we haven't changed that much!)

This is a reasonably regular occurrence. They really are proud of 'their books', and I should add, their sense of ownership is STRONG! Last year Campbell smuggled his album out of the house so he could proudly show his friend next door. Unfortunately, in a squabble with the friend over which page to look at first, the spine of the album was torn. Not completely in half, but a good effort. He was devastated. I wasn't overly impressed myself. Then I realised, that is part of the story of 'his book' - maybe I should do a scrapbook page about that!

Today as I watched them studying their books, and listening to the (minor) squabbles over which page to look at first, it occurred to me that this is why I do what I do. What better inspiration could there be? That has also got to be another reason why scrapbooking is more important than doing laundry - right?!

And I got a new photo to greet you all with too!

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  1. love your photos tracee makes me want to have the boys all over again Their scrap books will be a treasure something to be prized and displayed with pride love your coaster mini album below as well might have to whip one up myself thanks for the inspiration