Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wild about Animals

Argh! I have just spent the morning (well, part of the morning) cleaning the plastic toy animals from Campbell's school. Incidentally, I discovered in the process, baking soda is great for getting those annoying marks off the soft plastic toys. While I sat there, leaning over the bath, scrubbing, with my fingers getting pruney, I got to thinking about this layout...

It's an old favourite, that some of you will have seen before, but it fitted with the theme for the day, so I figured I would share it again anyway. We have a good supply of animals ourselves, thanks to Santa, and all the kids play with them a lot. They were an early favourite of Bridie.

Although she was pretty good at keeping the animals contained back then, this layout was supposed to show them all spilling out of the box. I wanted the stamped animals and the photo to kind of blend together. I stamped them out on white card and then cut them out - that was the trickiest part of the layout - then positioned them over the edge of the photo, and across the bottom of the layout, some of them upside down and topsy turvy.

I used the sentiment from the Stamp set as a title for this layout, and with the darker cardstock, this was the perfect opportunity to pull out that white gel pen for some quick journalling. I won't mention the colours used here, as they are long retired in colours. The stamp set though, is still available - the very versatile 'Wild About You'.

And now I have to do some emergency repairs on a beanie baby monkey - poor guy, it seems his arm is falling off (oh yep, we've been cleaning the beanie animals too - it's a regular zoo round here at the moment!)

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