Sunday, May 24, 2009

Expecting guests...

We are expecting guests - in fact, if all has gone according to plan, the plane has just landed. Excitment is high in our house! We had to go to the supermarket earlier to pick up a few things, and came home with these beautiful roses to greet our guests with.

And of course we couldn't pass up the opportunity for a few other little welcoming goodies (these are our first guests afterall!) One of the things we really noticed when we first arrived here was how dry the air was. It is DRRRRY! So we put together some little packages of moisturiser, lip balm, a water bottle, and some tissues etc. I did think about the old chocolate on the pillow routine, but, to be honest, a chocolate left on a pillow in this house, would not last long. Definitely not long enough for the guests to enjoy it that is for sure! So what to do? Something childproof was needed, so I decided to whip up a couple of 'sourcream containers' to make sure the yummies would be safe!

They are super duper easy. I just used a spare scrap of paper - didn't cut it to any particular size (but maybe could have made it a little smaller). All you need to do is roll it into a tube and attach the edges.

Tape together one end. Fill with goodies, then tape together the other end - making sure to squeeze the tube in the opposite direction to before, to make a triangle shaped package (should have taken a photo of that bit - sorry!)

To finish it off, you can use a crimper to add a few crimps to each end of the package, where it has been taped. And there you have it - a childproof package for yummy goodness.
Actually, technically it is probably not childproof. But it should slow them down for a minute or two, and at least this way you will know for SURE if they have pinched anything out of it!

We put all the goodies into paper sacks that we found at the supermarket, crimped, to make it a little more exciting, and used paperclips to hold them shut (which, handily enough, can double as bookmarks). I hope they like them!
So now the plan is to have kids dinner and dishes done before our guests arrive, so I had better get on. It is likely that I may be a bit quiet here over the next couple of weeks, I am sure you will understand! Of course, it is also possible that I will be busy creating lots of fun stuff with some new goodies that will be arriving with the guests (yay!) I have plans for roses, stamped ones. Just in case it's a while between posts though, here are some real roses, to keep you going!

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  1. Hi Tracee,
    How exciting to have visitors from home! And of course with SU supplies, that's even better! :-) Have a wonderful time!