Monday, May 11, 2009

gifts from my boys

So it seems over the last week or two, both my boys have been busy at school working on the most wonderful Mothers Day gifts ever. I just had to share them...
From Hayden, there was a card - complete with a pop up heart (I think I might have to try that some time!) and a fridge magnet he had made himself. Now that in itself is lovely, but what made it extra special?

That's our cat Jude. We are all missing her a lot! She is a pretty well travelled cat (7 or 8 plane trips, including international flights), but at 15 years old, travelling with us this time just wasn't an option. Instead she went to live with Nan and Pop, where, by all accounts, she is turning into a fat, fat cat. Clearly, she isn't missing us as much!

As for Campbell - he proudly presented me with this beautifully decorated box...

most definitely filled with treasure....

Isn't that just perfect?
Thank you boys, and a big thank you to the teachers as well.
With the end of school fast approaching (only two more weeks for Campbell!) we will be working on presents for the teachers over the next week or two. I will be sure to give you a peek at what we come up with - pretty sure it will involve cutting and sticking, and maybe even a stamp or two!

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