Sunday, February 14, 2010

Matchbook Style Chocolate Holder Valentines

Last year for Valentines Day we wanted a quick and easy card to make.  While the card we made last year was a straight forward card, and reasonably quick to make, all those knotted ribbons were a bit of a pain.  This year both of the boys needed valentines, meaning we had twice as many to make, so I went executive on it, and declared there would be no ribbon!  Instead we decided to make some chocolates (well, melt chocolate and then put it into molds with assorted NZ images) and I figured out a little matchbook style holder for them, which could double as a card.

 I cut a piece of card 7.5cm x 21cm (which meant I could get four from each A4 card) and scored it at 2cm, 11.5cm, and 12.5cm.  
I then cut a stack of white card pieces - 6.5 x.6.5cm (12 from each A4 card).  It was a quick job to then stamp assorted images on the white squares and attach them to front of the matchbooks.

I used the same friend sentiment that I had for Bridie's valentines (from the 'cheep talk' stamp set) and stamped it inside the matchbook.  While the boys then signed their names, I put the chocolates into little bags and stapled them into place, with the folded over opening of the bag, tucked under that 2cm flap.
I was expecting it to take a long time, but in fact it was much quicker than I thought it would be.  Waiting for Campbell to sign his half was the slowest part of the process, but mainly because he kept stopping to watch I was doing!

60 Valentines later...  they looked great, and smelled better, but alas, we didn't have any left over.  The boys didn't seem to mind though - they both came home with a bag full of assorted goodies they had received from their friends.  Let the sugar high pass quickly!!

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  1. What a very cute and thoughtful project! Its wonderful that you even made all the chocolates by hand. How clever are you!!