Thursday, September 10, 2009

Guest artist gifts for the teacher

Thank goodness for guest artists!  Perfect for those times when you are completely out of sorts, and haven't been creating, let alone blogging about it!  Please forgive me as I indulge in a guest artist post while I get my inspiration back...

Aren't these beautiful?  My clever sister Anna-lise made these as a thank you for my niece's daycare teacher.  I love how she has made her very own, one of a kind, patterned paper using the lovely 'Simply Said' stamp set. Being a two step stamping set this is just so versatile, and you know I am a big fan of DIY patterned paper!  The lovely script thank you is from the now retired, but still much loved 'Warm Words' set.
I do believe that the 'box in a bag' (bag in a box?) gift bag had yummy homemade fudge in it.  We love fudge too Anna-lise.  Just in case you had nothing better to do today!  And thank you, for being the guest artist, and helping me find my inspiration again (and what a bother I have to go and help at school in an hour!)

1 comment:

  1. What a gorgeous gift set!! I would be thrilled to receive something like this. Great idea for a Christmas present.