Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Been taking a break...

Oh dear.  Has it really been a month since I posted here?  I guess I have been taking a break!  A frenzy of school trips and parties and concerts, as well as family visits, and the resulting traveling and exploring and having fun, has been keeping us busy.  Not much time spent on crafty stuff.  I did do some thinking and talking about crafty stuff.  That counts, right?  I did acquire a couple of new toys tools. That has to count!  I just didn't have the time (or was the inclination?) to blog about it, but hopefully that is about to change.   The new USA Stampin' Up! catalogue is about to launch, and that will give us a good indication of what we will see in the new NZ/Aust in September, not to mention a lot of wonderful new inspiration (and inclination!)  I am wondering how the internet will handle all those eager people, hitting the SU website on July 1?   Just don't crash before I get there!!

I do have a couple of projects (alternatives to the traditional scrapbooking methods of perserving those travel memories) that I have been working on, one of which should hopefully be arriving in our mailbox today.  I am looking forward to sharing those, along with a couple of teacher gift projects that we did a few weeks back.  Just have to find the photos.

Taking a break is also a very good excuse to get back into some crafting today.  Although we might have to go and buy some more masking tape first.  Hayden has been doing some creating of his own - making monsters and dinosaurs from an old phone book and a lot of masking tape.  It is keeping him nicely entertained.  Now, how to keep the other two out of trouble?!

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