Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Party Favours for 10 Year Old Boys

Earlier in the year we celebrated Hayden's 10th birthday.  Last year he had only been at his new school about a week, and so a party with friends was not on the agenda, but you can bet he wasn't going to miss out this year!  Instead of a party though, he and his friends decided they really wanted to go to a movie.  The boys have all read and enjoyed the Wimpy Kid series of books, and they all agreed that 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' was the movie they wanted to see.  Of course, the movie hadn't actually been released when they made this decision, but they agreed it would be worth the wait!

Which worked out well for me too - it gave me time to figure out what to do about those party goody bags.  Do 10 year old boys even need party favours?  (a quick survey revealed that YES! We HAVE to have goody bags Mum!)

And then I remembered the pile of hardcover notebooks I had in my bargain box.  I had originally picked them up (for just $1 or $2) thinking they might be good for teachers gifts.  Instead, I realised they would be perfect for the boys - which just a little bit of 'decorating' by me first.

I wasn't sure if the boys would appreciate being called 'wimpy' themselves, so I took the liberty of changing it to 'awesome' instead.  I was still a little nervous about how they might be received, and was so pleased to see that the boys all loved them.  And just quietly - if you need to keep a group of ten year old boys quiet at a restaurant while you wait for the food to arrive - give them their own diary to write in - I think the staff were shocked at how well behaved and quiet they all were (and I don't think their teacher would believe it without photographic evidence!)

As for the thank yous - we figured we had two choices.  Hayden was  initially leaning towards a note with a booger attached (actually a glue dot carefully coloured with ink!) but then when I made a 'stinky cheese' prototype he decided that would be better.  Nothing like giving your friends the cheese touch!  

Disclaimer time:
1.  If you haven't read the book you will just think I am being gross now - but I assure you - boogers attached to notes, and stinky cheese slices were not my idea - it is all taken straight from the Wimpy Kid, and despite the gross factor - ten year old boys - and their six year old brothers, love it!
2. While the diaries are great for keeping kids quiet, it is a good thing you don't give the thank yous out right there in the restaurant.  Yelling and running and kids having fun is pretty much guaranteed.  Quiet time - not so much!

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