Friday, October 2, 2009

Making use of those little image stamps

In an attempt to get back into the crafting groove I have been setting myself some challenges.  The latest one is to make use of those little image stamps that you often find in a set.  In particular, I am looking at the great little 'short and sweet' stamp set.  This is a popular, value for money stamp set, but I find I am most often using the greetings, and not often the little images that go along.

So, over the next little bit I am hoping to share a few ideas using these little stamps.   The first, and easiest idea is of course to use those little stamps on little projects - gift tags and smaller cards.  The cute little 'Love Notes' (card and matching envelope) are the perfect size.  The second idea, and one I also used for these cards, is repetition.  Use that little image more than once, to make it look like a bigger image.  I used the stamp-a-ma-jig to help with even spacing.  Take that little flower and stamp it out nine times, and this is what you get:

This time I also set myself the challenge of using only the bold bright colours.  I do have a couple that I use often, but must confess, overall I am not so much of a bold brights girl (and in fact, I discovered that a couple of my BB ink spots hadn't even been opened before these cards!)  I am pleased to say that I have used every single bold bright colour in these cards - and I actually really like them!  The fact that the image is a small outline one, means that you get a nice splash of colour, but lots of white also helps to tone it down.  That's what I think anyway - what do you think?

Best of all, this idea works just as well on a more conventional sized card (and look - the last of those bold bright colours!)


  1. With talent like this I don't think you need me making cards for you. I'm really suprised at how nice the bold brights look. Like you I not a BB Girl either.

  2. Sheer brilliance, Tracee! I've never really used those tiny little stamps, either. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Great way to use those stamps that just tend to sit, cause they are so little!! Lovely idea.