Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spin, Twirl, Dance!

You could say that creativity has been somewhat lacking in our house lately.  We had been expecting to be moving until red tape put a rather abrupt hold on our plans, and the past few months of waiting around have not been especially inspirational! Creativity has not been happening.  

And then we spotted this t shirt in the clearance rack.  

  And I remembered the sewing machine tucked away in storage, that I had bought to help keep myself entertained after we do move.  And I realised that this t shirt very clearly wanted to be made into a dress!  

A quick google search revealed there were lots of instructions online for making t shirt dresses.  I decided to base my one on these instructions by Mormon Mommy Wars.  Nice and straight forward, and quick too.  Of course, me being me, I then proceeded to change every step - shorten the t shirt, make the skirt fuller, add a frill, add some lace....  Needless to say I made one dress in two hours, rather than six in two hours like it said in the instructions!  But the end result was worth it...

a pretty, inexpensive dress (with none of the fuss of having to put in sleeves or finish necklines!) 
and a very happy girl (giving the dress the 'spin twirl dance' test).
Best of all - some creativity at last!


  1. Wow, Tracee! You did an awesome job with this - the colours in the skirt match so perfectly, it looks like it was always a dress!

  2. that is so cute Tracee looks like a winner with your wee girl. Not showing mine I will be making one too!